Advertised by Felicia Design

Working for major brands and designers it's imperative to protect their IP rights. Therefore, no use of client work is advertised through Felicia Design.

We strictly protect the intellectual properties and rights of client designs. However, we are a creative and technical company. We always look for media channels related to jewelry. 

See below for more about Advertising by Felicia Design.


The Felicia Design QR Code


A QR Code is a two-dimensional bar code that is readable by smartphones. This specific QR Code links to our website.

To read QR Codes you need an appropriate software installed on your phone or tablet. Use the Camera to take a picture with the software and the Felicia Design website will open automatically.


Elephant Campaign


The Elephant Campaign by Felicia Design, is our most recent campaign. This advertising brings focus to our creativity, by use of imagery and symbology. The Elephant, represented in each message, is an Asian Elephant. The actions difficulties or actions which this Asian Elephant goes through in each artwork is a metaphor symbolizing what Felicia Design can do for you. The concept "Choose the Right Partner" is focused as the theme.