How We Support

Felicia Design supports CSR events by participation, raising funds, sharing awareness of issues and public promotion. 

We believe in supporting organizations and causes where all efforts or fund raising, go directly to the community. 



Organizations We Support


Faa Lang Fon Project





Nordic Light Foundation is a charity foundation managed by the Norwegian community in Bangkok. Their vision is to choose projects that aid in the development of living or education environment for less fortunate children in Thailand.

Faa Lan Fon is a small mountain village in Mae Hong Son, North of Thailand. To the nearest town or any amenities, the people of Faa Lan Fon must travel down and through mountains. With not much access, the community lives in poverty and non-education.  



Orphanage and School




The Thai Muslim Women's Foundation, founded in 1962 with the mission to support the education of orphans and children from low-income families, regardless of race or religion. The school houses orphans and teaches all students between grade 1 to 6 and has about 250 children enrolled. The Foundation provides scholarships and finances expenses including teachers salaries, lunch, school snacks and milk, uniforms and other operating costs. The Foundation has a future plans to adopt orphans or help underpriveleged children in the South of Thailand.



Community Blood Donation



Founded on April 26, 1893 during the Rattanakosin Era by his Majesty King Chulalongkorn, The Thai Red Cross Society manages the National Blood Centre in Bangkok.

The National Blood Centre is a source of blood to many hospitals in Bangkok and is regularly needed to support emergency cases and surgeries. Donated red blood cells do not last forever. They have a shelf-life of up to 42 days and a health donor may donate every 56 days. There is always a need for blood especially of specific rare types. 

Through giving blood regularly, you may save the lives of someone in need of your blood type.



Bringing Smiles to Children




Kids Action for Kids is a charity organization established in 2009 to help less fortunate children in Southeast Asia in the areas of Health, Education and Environment. Its other goal to raise awareness about social responsibility by training kids and youth to take initiatives and give concrete contributions, learning to be part of something bigger than themselves. This is the reason why Kids Action for Kids’ activities and projects are also mainly initiated and run by kids and youth with the help of adults.

100% of the donations go directly to surgeries as everyone work as volunteers and KAFK’s board members pay all administrative costs.

Everyone can help and every single contribution counts!