Our Experience


925 Sterling Silver

Felicia Design specializes in the manufacturing, treatment and engineering of 925 Sterling Silver. We are working only with the highest quality materials from trusted sources. 


Working Hand-in-Hand

Our clients include established whole sale companies as well as brands. We walk hand-in-hand with our clients to produce valuable products for our clients growth. Communication and working together, is key. We allocate specialized teams and contact people to support our clients through every step of the production. 


Effective Production

Effective production can only be done through experience and collaboration. We provide value by keeping our production consistent. We understand what it takes to develop a brand. Our experience and skilled staff allow us to create unique and affordable products by using materials, surface textures, production techniques and new technologies. 





Understanding Designers

Designers who are looking to produce their unique designs will feel at home with Felicia Design. With Vibeke's 25 years experience in both design support and jewelry production, Felicia Design is able to maintain the designer's personal identity in the piece. Vibeke keeps herself continuously updated on industry trend forecasts to provide insight and value additions to designers for future planning of production. Conveying feelings and importance of the small details, from a designers perspective to production has proved to be of high importance and valued by the designers working with us.