Our Staff

Our staff are family, Team 18. Thai based and with us for many years, our staff have developed skills to the standards of Felicia Design. We teach, we promote, we work hard. 

European Management help ensure that our technical ability, communication and standards are globally competitive.

Without our team, there would be no Felicia Design.  

Team 18

Team 18 is a team name coined by Vibeke Lyssand Leirvag for Felicia Design, 18 years in the making of our company and brand. Our industry reputatiion is formed and earned by good leadership behind a strong team. Vibeke and Management try to build a team through different educational methods, hands on practices and global research to better equip staff in their individual lives, personal betterment and as a company.  

Everyone is important in Team 18. Each person plays a role which supports and benefits the company. No job is too big or too small big or small and most of the time, our staff members wear many hats. We ask all staff to work hard and provide results. 

Felicia Design employees Thai and Non-Thai Staff, but mostly Thai. Felicia Design does not support the employment of staff who are under-aged, mistreated or illegal.