Team Felicia Design

European Management combined with Asian skilled labor offers you a strong and supportive team. We ensure that all products manufactured at Felicia Design are consistent in production and quality.  

We follow these rules of conduct:

  • Freedom of association and the right to gather for collective vote. 
  • No discrimination based on race, age, religious belief or physical limitations.
  • Child labor is prohibited.
  • Legal and Industry Standard minimum wages are paid.
  • Working hours are compliant with national laws, with appropriate breaks and overtime paid.
  • No forced labor is practiced. No disciplinary measures are practiced.
  • Health and safety is a priority for management at the workplace. Equipment is purchased for foreseen production dangers and issues are dealt with immediately. 
  • The environment is respected and social responsibility is explained and practiced.
  • Social accountability is practiced.
  • Gambling, bribery or corruption is not allowed at any scale.

Key Personnel

You may have spoken to some of our staff members. Our After Sales Support Team is here to help you with all your production requirements and orders. Let us introduce you to our key personnel.   


Production Coordinator

Khanwiwa Maneechan "Khan"

For updates, issues, follow-ups or schedules regarding your production order, "Khan" will advise and keep you updated. 

Import / Export Supervisor

Ruansaeng Ragsukh "Moo"

For updates, issues, follow-ups or schedules regarding the shipment of your order, "Moo" will advise and keep you updated.