Model Making Support

Every Jewelry Collection starts with master development. At a competitive cost we can assist to develop a finished master from your drawing board. We do this by: 

  • Producing from output .STL files received.
  • Making hand made wax or metal masters, with our highly skilled in-house team.
  • Optimizing your designs for competitive and streamlined production. 


Understanding Production


Our quality and consistency focused production allows us to ensure that concepts can be manufactured efficiently.  We understand that production costs are keys to a successful manufacturing partner and our experience and skilled Asian craftsman, produce pieces of value whilst keeping it affordable. Our understanding of production and more than 20 years experience, turn concepts into a reality for a valuable final product. 

Intellectual Property


We produce with the most suitable form of IP protection on masters and design files. This process is done in-house and under strict guidelines. We have policies, methods of communication, processes and contracts where applicable. This value is provided to our customers as added benefits and common practice.