Felicia Design specializes in the manufacturing, treatment and engineering of 925 Sterling Silver and Gold. Our production combines technology, experience and skilled Asian craftsmanship to produce pieces of value which fit client brand or design concepts.


Product Types

Mass Production: 

• High Volume production capacity.
• Management of allocated teams that can produce up to 15,000 pieces / day.
• Production optimizing on each step through technology.
• Experienced personnel on quality control and consistency.
• Design types are clean and have repeated elements for customers with production focus on output.


Competitive Product:

• Product type common for wholesalers and chain shops.
• Quality focused production through qualified teams.
• Optimization of in-house production skills together with outsourced trusted working partners.
• Technology support to produce jewelry for competitive costs.
• Consistency and quality through effective management.


Felicia Jewelry Photos_Feb. 2012_15.jpg

Value Added Product: 

• Quality focused hand-finished production done in-house.
• More intricate designs requiring custom or advanced production using allocated teams of expert craftsmen.
• Team management and technical skill requirements with focus on modern machinery and technology, including specialty surface finishes.
• Consistent quality in products and materials.
• More time required for design development and production.

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Luxury Product: 

• High labor intensive product, which is hand crafted at every production step.
• Team management of staff with technical skill on each production step to provide highest quality and value.
• High quality raw materials, precision and consistency.
• Specialized technology maintained through European standards and Management.
• Each process is done in-house with control to provide for highest quality and value.