As a company, we dedicate a lot of energy on quality.

Quality in our products, our service, our materials, our communications and our price. We don't always match our initial goals and we may stumble, but we don't stop to try to perfect our systems for the benefit of our customer.

Anyone arguing the fact that they are perfect, we feel, would be lying. 

How we Manage Quality

Communication is our key to maintaining quality. Communication between teams, management, middle management and workers keep consistency within client brands, manufacturing requirements and reduce mistakes or loss of time. 

Each staff member in Felicia Design has experience in different fields and adds to the manufacturing process of a design collection. So based on design requirements, we create teams to support what needs to be produced. Internal tracking systems strengthen communication between teams. Each step to produce a design collection, is verified and data collected. 

Always, with the design or paper in hand, this checking, rechecking and communication process is what has strengthened our reputation. How we manage quality is what keeps our brand secure. Our reputation is built on our performance and our results usually speak for themselves.