Felicia Design specialises in the manufacturing, treatment and engineering of 925 Sterling Silver. We are also experienced in the treatment of Gold, Glass and Platinum.  

Every Jewelry Collection starts with design development. Our production mixes technology, experience and skilled asian craftsmanship to produce pieces of value, which starts with the design development process. There is no point to a design, if you cannot manufacture those designs into a reality. Our experience, helps brands make this happen. 

Teams are created to support our manufacturing structure. Quality assurance is put through a 5 step process we implement for final results. Lead by Chief Designer, Vibeke Lyssand Leirvag together with production 

teams, we ensure communication between stages of production are correct, on-time and fit the requirements set forth during the design development process.

European management of production ensures standards are met. REACH declarations, ILO Safety Standards, 5s Methodology are just some to name a few. Felicia Design nor do any of our sub-contractors, employ child-laborers, employee and employer non-ethical practices or use any materials which are against global standards, bad for the environment or hazardous to the end user.