Felicia Design consistently develops technology. Machined parts, model making, product development, software, machined finishes, laser applications and other production skills are some where we have developed technology. Technology is used to diversify options, decrease production times and provide better accuracy and quality.

Our innovative approach to problem solving as been a strength in our ability to grow as a company.


Model Making and Metal Masters

All designs work, CAD, wax models and metal masters are done in-house. We take great care to protect client intellectual properties as well as to create a product that fits the brand or concept.

Metals and Casting 

Casting is sub-contracted to trusted working partners. We cast 925 Sterling Silver and Gold. We work only with high quality materials supplied from trusted sources and we can work also with different metals.

In our alloys we do not use Cadmium, Lead, Nickel or any prohibited and harmful materials. We follow the European rules and regulation. (REACH )

We are a member of Fair Gold and Precious Metals. This initiative adds to our commitment to transparency, traceability of raw materials and CSR .

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Galvanic Treatment

All plating is sub-contracted to trusted working partners. We can guarantee the micron with a certificate if required. 

In our alloys we do not use Cadmium, Lead, Nickel or any prohibited and harmful materials. 



Textures and Surface Finishes


Our technical staff are experts in abrasives and metal finishes. This knowledge is passed down to our production and design teams, who have developed a catalog of options based on the textures required. We offer more than 50 surface options from shiny to matte, carved, textured, embed, satin, water blast, semi-finished, aged looking and many others.


Please Note: Our catalog of surface fishes are examples of what we can do in metal finishing. These are real samples that the customer can touch / feel and see. To apply a chosen surface finish to production requires a deep analysis of number of pieces vs final results. Through our experience, some textures require to be embed in a master with consequential difference on final results. 

Our team can help to choose the best solution for the customer needs explain and select the best application.


Gemstones, Special Stones, Alternatives and Cutting

Color, cut, clarity and carat are standards for grading all gemstones. The four criteria carry different weight depending on whether they are applied to colored gemstones or colorless diamonds.

We also work with other materials. Glass and Synthetic stones are valued for their hard properties and are graded. They can provide luster and be faceted like any gemstone. A unique alternative for fashion.    

All Felicia Design gemstones are sourced from trusted working partners.

We work with the following: 

  • Glass
  • Semi-Precious Gemstones
  • Precious Gemstones
  • Diamonds
  • Synthetic and Artificial Gem Stones

Stone Cuts 

Gems come in two different styles, faceted and non-faceted gems. Faceted gems are gems with geometrically-shaped, flat polished faces. Non-faceted gems are not geometrically-shaped, flat polished faces.

Style, cut, shape and quality of the rough gemstone directly affects its overall value as the cut determines how well a gem returns its body color back to the eye. Our standard facets are supplied in different sizes +/- 5%.


Setting and Design Styles

There are many different styles and elements for brands and designers to choose from for their collections. Different customers have different requirements.

Ring profiles, setting styles, prong counts or design details like whether to engrave or enamel or filigree are all options which have sub-options related to the technical abilities which we can provide for. These options and sub-options can be mixed and matched to create styles and designs which we offer as value additions to a design or brand.

The more intricate the detail, the longer it takes to make.



We are using high standard and European technology. 

Our machinery are mainly used in the soldering and engraving  process to avoid use harmful product can involve dangerous process before and after the manufacturing standard procedure.



Soldering and Metalsmithing

Felicia Design often uses soldering for chains. However we also use soldering where applicable on different phases of jewelry production. We achieve solder-less, seamless welds on all metals with little or no heat, which allows us to work directly or adjacent to heat sensitive stones. 

Other specialty metalsmithing techniques include chasing and repoussé, etching and engraving, electroforming and electroplating, raising, reticulation, casting and bezel setting. Finishing techniques such as filing, buffing, polishing are also technically developed by our teams and trade experience.


Epoxy Enamels

Also called "resin" or "cold enamels" this technology is the easiest and most practical way to apply vibrant color to a surface. Famous for being effective and having high strength results on many different materials. The best application is always with metals.

In the jewelry industry, the first application was more than 60 years ago. This technique originally developed from a different material, glass. Which was called "fire enamels" because of requirements of high temperatures and specific ovens. Now as "cold enamels" there is no need for melting temperatures. 

The ability make combinations of colors like paint, allows this material to match pantone colors. Designers have even more options to inspire creativity.