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Who is Felicia Design












Who is Felicia Design












Felicia Design is a trademark of Felicia (Thailand) Ltd. Emotion through Innovation is the slogan used to represent our brand and everything we do. We take the philosophy of ‘feelings’ used to create/design and combine that with the skill or technical ability to bring those creations to life. 

Felicia Design represents teamwork, trust, skill through hands-on experience, communication, professionalism, problem solving, family and your working partner.


Experience & Trust










Experience & Trust









Our Experience


925 Sterling Silver

Felicia Design specializes in the manufacturing, treatment and engineering of 925 Sterling Silver. We are working only with the highest quality materials from trusted sources. 


Working Hand-in-Hand

Our clients include established whole sale companies as well as brands. We walk hand-in-hand with our clients to produce valuable products for our clients growth. Communication and working together, is key. We allocate specialized teams and contact people to support our clients through every step of the production. 


Effective Production

Effective production can only be done through experience and collaboration. We provide value by keeping our production consistent. We understand what it takes to develop a brand. Our experience and skilled staff allow us to create unique and affordable products by using materials, surface textures, production techniques and new technologies. 





Understanding Designers

Designers who are looking to produce their unique designs will feel at home with Felicia Design. With Vibeke's 25 years experience in both design support and jewelry production, Felicia Design is able to maintain the designer's personal identity in the piece. Vibeke keeps herself continuously updated on industry trend forecasts to provide insight and value additions to designers for future planning of production. Conveying feelings and importance of the small details, from a designers perspective to production has proved to be of high importance and valued by the designers working with us.   




Felicia’s Principles and Code of Practice

The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, customers and suppliers. We gain credibility by adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity and reaching company goals solely through honorable conduct.

We conduct our operations with openness and responsibility, and with respect for the rights and interests of our employees.  We similarly respect the legitimate interests of all those with whom we have relationships.  In our business dealings we expect our partners to adhere to business principles consistent with our own.

We integrate ethical, human rights, social and environmental considerations into all day-to-day operations, business planning activities and decision making processes.

More specifically, Felicia is committed to:

1.         Business Ethics

● conducting its business with high ethical standards, and ensuring integrity, transparency and conformance with all applicable laws

● not engaging in bribery and/or corruption

● not tolerating money laundering and/or financing of terrorism

● adhering to the Kimberley process certification system and the world Diamond Council voluntary system of warranties

● fully and accurately disclosing the material characteristics of the products that it sells

● taking reasonable measures to ensure the physical integrity and security of product shipments

● respecting commercial confidentiality and data privacy

2.         Human Rights and Social Performance

● respecting fundamental human rights and the dignity of the individual, according to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

● not using child labor

● not using any forced, bonded, indentured or prison labor, nor restricting the freedom of movement of employees and dependents

● providing safe and healthy working conditions throughout its operations

● allowing workers to associate freely

● not discriminating on the basis of race, ethnicity, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, marital status, physical appearance, age, or any other applicable prohibited basis in the workplace, such that all individuals who are “Fit for work” are accorded equal opportunities and are not discriminated against on the basis of factors unrelated to their ability to perform their job

● not using corporal punishment under any circumstances and prohibiting the use of degrading treatment, harassment, abuse, coercion or intimidation in any form

● adhering to all labor legislation or, in cases not covered by specific laws, the prevailing industry standards

● supporting the development of the communities where we operate, contributing to their social and economic welfare

● recognizing and respecting the rights of indigenous people and the value of their traditional, cultural and social heritage

3.         Environmental Performance

● conducting its business in an environmentally responsible manner

● managing its environmental footprint by eliminating or minimizing negative environmental impacts

● ensuring the efficiency of its business operations by managing the use of resources and energy

4.         Management Systems

● complying with all applicable laws and publicly stating its commitment to ethical behavior

● assessing its risks, including risks to its business from business partners, contractors, clients, and suppliers

● establishing systems that manage and improve ethical, human rights, social and environmental business practices


Felicia is a Member of the ‘Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association’ and of the London based ‘Responsible Jewellery Council’ and is a Signatory to the ‘UN Global Compact’ and the Thai ‘Collective Action against Corruption’.


Our Staff








Our Staff







Team Felicia Design

European Management combined with Asian skilled labor offers you a strong and supportive team. We ensure that all products manufactured at Felicia Design are consistent in production and quality.  

We follow these rules of conduct:

  • Freedom of association and the right to gather for collective vote. 
  • No discrimination based on race, age, religious belief or physical limitations.
  • Child labor is prohibited.
  • Legal and Industry Standard minimum wages are paid.
  • Working hours are compliant with national laws, with appropriate breaks and overtime paid.
  • No forced labor is practiced. No disciplinary measures are practiced.
  • Health and safety is a priority for management at the workplace. Equipment is purchased for foreseen production dangers and issues are dealt with immediately. 
  • The environment is respected and social responsibility is explained and practiced.
  • Social accountability is practiced.
  • Gambling, bribery or corruption is not allowed at any scale.

Key Personnel

You may have spoken to some of our staff members. Our After Sales Support Team is here to help you with all your production requirements and orders. Let us introduce you to our key personnel.   


Production Coordinator

Khanwiwa Maneechan "Khan"

For updates, issues, follow-ups or schedules regarding your production order, "Khan" will advise and keep you updated. 

Import / Export Supervisor

Ruansaeng Ragsukh "Moo"

For updates, issues, follow-ups or schedules regarding the shipment of your order, "Moo" will advise and keep you updated. 






Felicia Design and CSR


When it comes to CSR, Felicia Design is a pro-active company. We actively seek out community development organisations which promote awareness of social issues. These organisations need to be of value to the community as well as managed appropriately by professional parties. We feel that any fund raising or efforts to promote these organisation and their cause, should go directly to the affected community.  

Click below to see more about Felicia Design and CSR. 


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Advertised by Felicia Design

Working for major brands and designers it's imperative to protect their IP rights. Therefore, no use of client work is advertised through Felicia Design.

We strictly protect the intellectual properties and rights of client designs. However, we are a creative and technical company. We always look for media channels related to jewelry. 

See below for more about Advertising by Felicia Design.


The Felicia Design QR Code


A QR Code is a two-dimensional bar code that is readable by smartphones. This specific QR Code links to our website.

To read QR Codes you need an appropriate software installed on your phone or tablet. Use the Camera to take a picture with the software and the Felicia Design website will open automatically.


Elephant Campaign


The Elephant Campaign by Felicia Design, is our most recent campaign. This advertising brings focus to our creativity, by use of imagery and symbology. The Elephant, represented in each message, is an Asian Elephant. The actions difficulties or actions which this Asian Elephant goes through in each artwork is a metaphor symbolizing what Felicia Design can do for you. The concept "Choose the Right Partner" is focused as the theme.  

















Opportunity in Thailand

Felicia Design has been in Thailand for more than 20 years. During which, we have worked through government changes, economy issues, political issues, floods and more. Thailand is an ever changing landscape, however one things always remains true, Thailand is a service country with hands-on people who stick together and work to achieve. This is why most of our staff have grown with us for years.

Throughout the years, organizations have been formed to further help business and investment in Thailand.


EABC logo.png

The European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC) is a European Trade Organization with an objective to contribute to the improvement of trade and investment for European companies in Thailand. The purpose, to increase European Trade and Investment in Thailand.

EABC Help Desk

The Help Desk is a service provided by EABC, specifically for European SME's. The help desk offers business assistance tools which provide individualization, is cost effective, designed to meet your requirements and an in-depth insight into the Thai Market.


ASEAN stands for the Association of South East Asian Nations. The 10 nations who are members of this Association include Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Cambodia. This Association has been organized with the purposes to accelerate economic growth, social progress, cultural development and peace. This platform allows for future economic growth between nations of South East Asia as well as shared values of quality and industry regulations. 



Through Vibeke's position as former President and currently Vice President of the Thai Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, we can assist you in the right directions to set up and access South East Asian Markets. We can help you to understand the culture. We can help as your gate way into investment in Asia and Thailand. 


BOI Thailand

The Thailand Board of Investment is the investment and promotion agency for Thailand that assists foreign investors in identifying opportunities, providing tax incentives and privileges for foreign companies seeking to expand into Asian Markets. Operating under the Ministry of Industry, BOI is the principle government agency for supporting international business in Thailand.


Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand

The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) is the umbrella body for various Thai - Foreign chambers of business associations operating in Thailand. There are 33 chambers and business associations representing more than 9,000 companies in this wide membership. The mission of the JFCCT is to promote trade and foreign investment, encourage skills development and transfer with the overall aim to contributing to the Thai economy. Vibeke is the actual Vice President.

Board of Trade of Thailand 

Part of The Thai Chamber of Commerce, The Board of Trade of Thailand (BOT) is created and organized to

  1. Build and share knowledge to all sectors of the business system (Knowledge Sharing) 
  2. Develop skills and competitiveness of enterprises in all sectors, especially in SME (Competency Enhancement)
  3. Develop networks and partnerships with public and private sectors in both regional and global business development (Connectivity and Collaboration)
  4. Enhance good governance and accountability in the implementation of sustainable business practices (Good Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility)
  5. Development of an efficient organization and good image to society (Organization Development)