our brand

Our brand Felicia Design is a trademark of Felicia (Thailand) Ltd. Emotion through Innovation is the slogan used to represent our brand and all we do. We take the ideology of "feelings" used to create / design and combine that with the skill or technical ability to engineer those creations into a reality.  

Our Brand Represents: 

Cleanliness, European Management, Skill, Communication, Professionalism, Problem Solving, Trust, Family and Teamwork. 



Teamwork: Teamwork within our little family, is the key, working hard, connected and together to support clients for more than 25 years in Thailand. And in turn, we commit to each customer providing trust and continuous support. 

Innovation and Creativity: Jewelry Brands require quality, communication and affordability to build their brands. We understand. We create what fits your brand and give you options. So that your brand, your money and your time are not diminished by choosing the wrong partner. 

Our Mission: To achieve every day the best results by exceeding expectations of quality, service, technology and value for money. 

Location: Bangkok Thailand, Jewelry Hub. For over 80 years Thailand has been at the heart of the world jewelry trade. Being here for more than 25 years, we have developed skills, been included in industry development, observed trends, understand suppliers, know origins and build communities.     

Go To: The Gem & Jewelry Institute of Thailand

Brand: Felicia (Thailand) Ltd. is represented by Felicia Design and is used in all media. We are a clean, well managed team and keep up to date with interesting ideas, topics on jewelry trade or jewelry production, engineering, advertising ideas or creative inspiration.