Felicia Design has a limited amount of exclusive collections. We mainly produce for brands and therefore, our name is not attached. Our exclusive collections are featured under the Felicia Design brand in multiple Jewelry Magazines, recognised for unique styles, surface finish techniques, detail, skill or technical ability and creative development of each collection theme.

Each of our exclusive collections has a story, a thought process, an inspiration. Our experience with 925 Sterling Silver, cross use of materials, plating technology, abrasives and semi-precious or non-precious stones allow us to create, develop and execute designs which are valuable but at a competitive cost. Here are some of our classics.  


by Vibeke LL.C


Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Material: Enamel and Semi-Precious Stones

Inspiration: Northern Lights

Unique: Glow in the Dark


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by Vibeke LL.c


Metal: 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold

Material:  90% Silver, 14k Gold or White Gold Plating. 

Inspiration: Norwegian Rosemaling

Unique: Focus Plating


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By Vibeke LL.c


Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Material: Leather, Precious / Semi-Precious Stones.  

Inspiration: Ocean. Don't go Fishing. 

Unique: Surface Finish


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