Service & Communication

We create what fits your brand whilst providing you with options on materials, technique, design and best ways to produce so that your brand, your money and your time are not diminished by choosing the wrong partner. 

Again Communication

A running theme to our success is communication. We need to communicate with our clients during the design development process to be able to assess requirements, design for and provide options. 

All design development starts with the initial meeting with a client. Here, we sit and design collections which fit the brand and perhaps, match trends. Materials are chosen to fit the confirmed concepts and provide options to reduce cost. This is all done together with the client so that the next production steps can be done quickly and correctly. 

The client is reported through our data systems or assigned response staff during each step of the production. Issues are explained or reported where we may shift teams or production techniques based on technical or time-frame hindrances which may occur. 

We stress to all existing or potential clients to choose the right manufacturing partner for your jewelry brand. There are many and we are no different. However, we stress the importance of communication, quality and teamwork to fit the needs of our client. So we feel that we provide a service which exceeds that of what is required. Because we treat you like family. 

All designs, rubber molds, concepts and more are provided to our clients as intellectual property. These are client designs, which we keep safe from copying or reproduction by any other 3rd party.